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There are plenty of practical uses for a fence: to gain privacy, safely corral kids and pets, block wind and noise, and prevent unsupervised accidents in a swimming pool. But the right fence also makes a strong aesthetic statement, improving a home's curb appeal.


A wood fence can easily be shaped to give properties character and individuality. You can choose from dozens of styles, including linear post-and-rail and crisscrossing lattice, as well as myriad picket patterns and post-cap designs. And you can stain the wood to make it pop out or recede from the landscape as either a vibrant or subtle frame for what's behind it. You can paint or stain your wood fence to add your own personal touch. 


Aluminum fences do not rust or rot and almost never need replacing. The fastening components for these fences are either rust-proof stainless steel or fiberglass. These fences are also powder coated to maintain an attractive finish throughout their lifetime. Aluminum fencing is  lightweight and  is also more easily installed on uneven or sloping ground than traditional fencing due to its adaptable design. The maintenance-free materials in an aluminum fence help to further reduce its overall cost.


 When it comes to privacy PVC has many advantages that you may find it is worth considering. Vinyl are much stronger allowing for a greater amount of stress to be placed on the material without worrying about bending or breaking.

Because vinyl fencing is composed of materials that give it a considerable amount of flexibility, it has a much greater chance of surviving harsh weather conditions and the force of pressure washing than a stiffer option which might crack, bend, or break.

Vinly fences are virtually maintenance-free,  a vinyl fence will not show chipping, rusting, or discoloration, which avoid touch-ups. An initial investment in this maintenance-free product saves time and money that will eventually be spent on repairs and supplies with other types of fencing.

A vinyl fence will remain safe and intact against  rot, warping and rust conditions, allowing it to be placed by a swimming pool, sprinkler, or other moisture-filled areas without the hassle of fixing water damage in the future.


Chain Link

From a functional perspective, chain link fencing has always been a very viable option and afforadable option. 

Chain link fencing is ideal in areas containing pets and other animals that don’t necessarily require privacy. Since this type of fence allows for high visibility, you can be sure your family pets are safely contained while easily being able ot see what is going on within the enclosed space. for property boundaries and yard containment, chain link is a fantastic choice


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